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By Brian R. Calfano,Melissa R. Michelson,Elizabeth A. Oldmixon

Clergy are pillars of neighborhood spiritual groups, and Roman Catholic monks are might be the fundamental examples of pastors functioning as political elites. The political technology literature demonstrates that monks (indeed, clergy extra regularly) are well-positioned to steer the trustworthy, whether this effect is just a little inconsistent. At their center, monks are opinion leaders and representatives in their church to either the trustworthy and their neighborhood groups.

But precisely how Catholic clergymen verify the political acts and attitudes linked to their elite position is still a puzzle. we recommend it's the fabricated from an interactive institutional, social, and mental milieu, the complexity of which has no longer been totally assessed within the extant literature. even though a few may possibly like to think about monks as profiles in braveness working above the political fray, the institutional and private realities of priest lifestyles usually forces them to accommodate the political realm. In doing so, clergymen are variably conscious of diversified principals, or reference teams, that signify particular dimensions in their expert context. Drawing on a chain of randomized experiments on samples of Roman Catholic clergymen within the US and eire, we discover that monks cognitively draw on various expert and private cues in responding to their employer’s institutional personal tastes. in addition, how clergymen characterize their church's political personal tastes to parishioners seems to be an issue of individual-level discretion.

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